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Offst mobile app plan


Intro to Offst mobile app plan

Offst is a digital credit card, powered by trust between people. So far the main development on Offst was focused on designing a reasonable open protocol, and on developing the core parts of Offst. One thing that was neglected was a good graphical user interface.

I spent the last month designing stcompact: An API bridge between Offst's core (the Offst node) and what would be a mobile app for Offst.

Why a mobile app? Because a mobile phone is something most people carry with them everywhere. Having an Offst app should allow to pay or collect payment anywhere, using your mobile phone.

Offst mobile app is open source (under the AGPL3 license). You can check the repository on github.

Preliminary mobile app user flow

I include here a preliminary (low fidelity) user flow diagram for the planned mobile app. The diagram roughly describes all the possible screens that the Offst app should have.

You can download the diagram in two formats:

The user flow diagram is somewhat large, you will probably need to zoom-in and zoom-out to see everything. Any ideas or suggestion are highly appreciated.

Other progress on Offst